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The New Paragon 360 Paragon 360 (PG)

Recent Upgrade: 
Join Pro Flow Radio as we welcome to our international broadcast series.  The New Paragon 360 Edition is an exclusive one hour broadcast featuring a wide range of rock, world and soul music from NewArtistRadio & Pro Flow Radio musicians.  Let the Countdown begin!!!!!  

Rock till you drop as a Rock Star!! the new Rock Edition is the built for the edgy rock and roll series.  Listeners are showered with fresh new interviews ranging from Alternative, Classical and Hardcore Metal.  The mix of expression creates rock hybrid music, so you may even here a little rap or blues included. Artists from every continent send in great music, and you might hear the next superstar before they blow up! 



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Co-Hosted By MaD MaXxx

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Press: Whats your favorite recipe? A little of this, a little of that. A dash of this, and a dash of that. Not too sure of the other ingredients, next step, temperature or how long to cook but you know for certain you like it. Well thats how a novice cook might respond to that question. If you want to know the real recipe you better go to a cookbook or ask a real chef.

The best banquet being served on the internet, land radio or satellite is prepared by the chef's at Millennium Music Mission records. The independent trail blazers are still turning up the heat and cooking up a delectable cuisine of talent from all over the world. M3 has delivered to the world artists from the Americas, Europe, Canada, Africa and now added to its 5 star menu the superb artistry from Asia. Yep those M3 execs have done it again rock, hip hop, rap, J pop, R&B etc. at your service they aim to please. When you think what will they do next, they come up with another table shaking idea, a little more spice to kick it up a notch, you know, "bam". The bar has been raised in the culinary art of music radio.

The Millennium Music Mission will bring you some dishes from another world. The tasty morsels will serenade your heart. If you can't stand the heat get out the kitchen says Maxheat.

The fixins will tantalize your musical palate to a supreme degree. M3 is obsessed with bringing its patrons the best the world has to offer and feels the new addition to their cuisine completes their menu and thats why they have named the new show with guest appearances from Pro Flow Radio host, Mad MaXxx, "Paragon 360". Mad MaXxx says Paragon 360 is not just satisfying its finger licking good "fa sho". There nothing left to say other than, bona petite. Tune in and dig in and you'll be saying, "Yes Chef!"

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Parental Advisory Label (“PAL”) Program

As you get older, it may be harder to be hip, but it’s much easier to be educated. To help guide parents, the RIAA has placed a number of different resources at your fingertips. The parent is the first and most important teacher. No one can take your place. "All music is not always appropriate for all ages. The music industry takes seriously its responsibility to help parents determine what is and is not appropriate for their children. That's why the record companies created the Parental Advisory Label Program. This program is a tool to help parents make the choice about when -- and whether -- their children should be able to listen to a particular recording. Music can be a tremendous tool in fostering dialogue and understanding across generations. Through music, parents or other adults can tune into what kids are thinking and feeling. We need to pay attention to the music children choose and ask questions: why do they like a certain song or album? What do they think the artist is saying? When these opportunities to talk openly are seized, parents, kids AND music are best served."

- Mitch Bainwol
CEO, Recording Industry Association of America

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